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Liggett Field Hockey Knights Beneath the Armor

By Naomi Yoshida and Morgan Kelley, 05/10/18, 3:30PM EDT


The strength of our team this year was driven by our ability to work together and play the entire field.

Cooperation leads Liggett to a successful season

We have always had talented individual players, but this year our team came together and played with a collective effort. Entering fall season last year, we believed that there was little hope of a successful season given the fact that we had a large number of beginner players. However, this mentality pushed us to work harder, learn from each other and grow as a team. In the end we discovered the strengths and weaknesses of our teammates on the field which strengthened our bond as a team.

Team philosophy (2017 season):  Cooperation, collaboration, and partnership are the cornerstones to the success of Liggett’s field hockey team.

The team’s philosophy is that each individual player brings her own character, competence, and skills, and each player has value.  This collective notion is, perhaps, what has launched the field hockey team into playing exciting Field Hockey.